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Over 25 Years of Service to the People of South Sudan

There are 100 Native Sudanese, ordained Evangelists with college degrees preaching in their hometowns. They take turns today coming to Malek to teach 40 to 60 new Students in their own language at ABC. There are now a total of 160 Evangelists, including students, serving Christ in growing churches in Sudan. Prayers requested!

March, 2014 Update

This month's newsletter contains reports from several of our evangelists working in South Sudan. Despite the war, the church is thriving in that country, the gospel continues to be proclaimed and souls saved. Please keep the Republic of South Sudan in your prayers especially those who are connected with the South Sudan African Mission. There are several individuals and churches who faithfully send funds each month to support these evangelists. After reading these reports, we pray you feel your money is being put to good use for the Kingdom. What better use of your funds is there? If you don't see a report from the evangelist you support please look for next month's newsletter as there are several more to come. If you would like information on sponsoring one of the evangelists or students, please contact SSAM.


Our country needs prayers that God may give wisdom to the South Sudanese leaders, IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) and the African Union to come up with good results so that the country will have peace again and stop the death of children and women.

Church in Aweil
The work of the ministry is progressing well. Evangelists are busy and are reaching the villages across the state with the gospel of Christ. We are thankful to God for guidance to administer His work to His people in South Sudan.

Bread for Life
We thank God for the Ox-Plough project we introduced to our Christian community. We are thankful for the funds that were sent by SSAM last year. Aweil Mission bought two teams, and trained them. The plantation was amazing but unfortunately the heavy rainfall destroyed the harvest. This year is going to be different. We are appealing to USA churches to keep purchasing for us more teams of ox-plough so that we will have four to six more. By doing so, the Christian can be self reliant by producing their own food rather than waiting in line at the market.

The funds which were sent by SSAM was used to buy 120 sacks of sorghum which was given to widows, orphans, disabled and poor. Sixty five sacks of groundnuts were distributed with the food as well. Joseph Wel and Lino Agou did the registration criterion by going door to door and evaluating the severity of need in each family since the funds we had were not enough for all of them. Some of those poor families came from Northern Sudan last year. We are praying for more funds for Bread for Life.

Church elders organize the distribution of food

-- Daniel Deng

Receive my warm greetings with hope that you are doing well as I'm also doing here.

All the Christians of Mathuic Church of Christ greet you. Among all Christians here there is fear because of the war which broke out in Juba 15th December 2013.

Paul Achier and I encouraged our people to not run away when there was fighting but to keep praying as always. We have gone door to door to encourage those to continue to pray. We are praying with families who have lost members of their family in the fighting that broke out. The war intensified when it reached Unity and Jonglei State.

We are praying for the lost and for their salvation which is the only way we can help. On December 26th 2013, Paul Achier and I baptized twelve people, four men and eight women. We continue to teach the gospel of Christ. We are preaching in their languages the Word of God so that they may know what God needs them to do to be saved from their sins.


Our evangelists have established a new church in the village of Amet Weer, just south of Darfur in an area where two rivers come together.

Arriving at Amet Weer requires a three hour drive off-road through the bush plus a one kilometer walk through a swamp. There have been 79 baptisms there in the last month. Praise
God that the gospel is reaching the "uttermost parts" of the earth!


  • Peace to prevail for the nation of South Sudan.
  • The new converts in each of the villages, the congregations and their evangelists.
  • Angelo Atak who is still suffering from a wound as a result of an incident in September 2013.
  • Wisdom and guidance for the SSAM Board of Directors as they consider the many projects and needs of the people of South Sudan with the funds which have been entrusted to them by our faithful donors.

-- Joseph Wel, South Sudan Church of Christ Administrator

Receive my best greeting in Jesus Christ's name.

I've been engaged in Door to Door Evangelism, Bible Studies, Counseling at MCH (Malek Christian Hospital) and Christian's Fellowship. The other exciting news is the opening ceremony of the new church ministry in the remote area of Amet Weer Ayai in Aweil South on 5th Jan 2014 the first Sunday of the New Year. As a result, 15 people were baptized into Christ that Sunday to mark the opening of the new church.

At the Christmas celebration, the three Churches of Christ were gathered at the Malek church on 24th -25th Dec 2013. The churches which gathered there for the birth of Christ the savior were: Malek, Warlai & Makuac Amiir Churches of Christ. More bulls and goats lost their lives as Christians thirsted and hungered during prayers and dancing. It was estimated over 1500 Christians from the three churches were in attendance. On January 1, 2014, the above three ministries again gathered in Warlai Church North West of Malek Church for fellowship and prayer for national peace and Christian's growth and strength in 2014. At least one bull and one goat were slaughtered for the gathered of about 1000+ adults and children.

Lastly, the classes of Aweil Bible College are scheduled to resume in January 2014 as funds have been received from our SSAM/Donors/Christians in USA. All teachers and workers are ready to begin work. The twenty students are ready to resume their studies. The biggest challenge we face is the health of the flock in remote areas where it is worse.

-- James Akok

Dear SSAM and Supporting Christian Churches in USA,

The church is growing and making headway through the wise planning and strategy which SSAM laid as a foundation by implementing the great commission in South Sudan. In November, we trained about thirty believers and within the thirty believers eighteen have been baptized. In December eight other converts were baptized into Christ.

Church distirbutes food South Sudan
Young mother with twin children in line to receive food

**Did you know that 33% of the South Sudanese population walk more that 30 minutes one way to collect safe drinking water?

**Did you know that only 55% of South Sudanese have access to improved sources of drinking water?

** Did you know that in 2009, there were 129 student per classroom?

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